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Silencer or jet?

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Im in a bit confused about this, my bike is top notch (according to me) in the low end but it seems lacking on the top end pull. My concern is about the exhaust, it needs to be repacked, is this something that would affect the top end pull and or is this solely a main jet issue?

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Try repacking the silencer 1st

...worn out packing causes

turbulance, and have seen it

lose 2 to 4 hp on the dyno

There are some woven fibreglass

sheets of packing that seem to last

quite a while longer. Rotax Max karts

use it, and 1 sheet of Rotax mat might

be enough to do 2 silencers

Maybe clean the inside of the tuned pipe

as well. Dirty pipes will run colder. as the

carbon buildup / oil acts as a shield between

the exhaust flame and the metal

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Have heard of people using carb cleaner

to soak it out, ...or put a bunch of pennies

in and shake it, ...or bead blast it with

glass beads, or other soft media -

sandblasting it might be to harsh,

and take off a bunch of metal

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How do you cleans pipe always wondered

I barbecue them if I think they are really clogged with carbon (!).  I've done this on several vintage bikes and it works just fine....Buy one of those large bags of charcoal and lay it out where it won't case a problem (grass fire!).  Dump the entire bag of charcoal, nestle the pipe in the charcoal so it contacts as much of the pipe as possible and light it up.  After a few hours, it should be cool enough to handle.  The heat burns & loosens the carbon but to break ALL of the coating loose, I have a speedo or tach cable that has a couple of inches of inner wire exposed and put the other end in a drill and ream it in and out.  It loosens it all!  Never has a pipe warp or anything bad happen but of course, they have to be cleaned and re-painted.

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