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KDX285 - Thank you Craigslist

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Stumbled acrossed this listing today.




  1996 kdx 285 - $1350 (Clinton twp)

Yes, its a 220cc stoc. Iv had it bored over .65 and it was done with all wysko; pistons and cluch. It is a very big and fast bike. With current gears it will top out at 82mph with my 175pound self on it. Currently it starts first time everytime has headlights and taillights. It is a great 2stroke Kawasaki dirt bike. iv beaten a 500cc buell street bike in 1/4 -1/3 mile races it is no beginner bike. Not in any need to sell. Just could use the space. 1350$ obo also willing to maybe trade for a street legal bike. Or a car or truck I need something reliable for work. Email me and I can give u additional info and pics. Working on finding the title today. I will check my email as often as I can. Thankyou, joe



  • First off, there was no 220 for 1996.
  • Wysko?
  • 0.65 over = 285?
  • Stock bore/stroke is 69.0/58.0mm, for 216.9cc of displacement
  • Punch that out to 69.65mm and you get 221cc
  • Maybe he means 0.65 inches, or 16.51mm. Ok, so now bore is 85.51mm,  and we get 333.1cc, still not the 285 claimed.
  • To actually get 285cc it'd need a 10mm overbore.


  • Then bragging up how it can beat a 500cc Buell street bike? HA, that's nothing to brag about. Stock those things put about 28 hp to the ground and weigh in at 360 lbs dry. I did some work on one, pipe, rejet, open up the airbox, etc, still REALLY slow for a street bike. Guys on the forums throw the world at them to try and get 40 hp.


Anyway, I just thought it was a really funny (ignorant) ad.





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Notice that he said pistons. Obviously he used the special wysko multiple piston kit to get to 285. It sounds like it also has multiple headlights and taillights, all in all, it's very kool bro.

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