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2002 RM250 No BOTTOM END POWER in 1&2 gear

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Hey Guys! First time posting on here. I am stumped and do not know what else to do. I have a 2002 RM250 2stroke and cant seem to deliver any power to the bottom end in 1 & 2 gear. The other day I tried to go up a hill (a little crf150 went right up no problem) and my bike sounds like it bogs out and looses all power. The feel of the bike is this.... kickstarts right up.... down to first... twist the throttle and wait for the lag to catch up and then bam! I'm already in the top end. The carb was rebuilt( I keep working on the adjustments), new reeds, checked the power valve, new spark plug... I don't know what else to do.


The best way to describe the power loss is this... it feels like the bike is starting out in 3rd gear instead of first.  


PLEASE HELP!!!! i JUST WANT TO RIDE ALREADY  :rolleyes:  :banghead:

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