95 kx100 suspension on a 07ttr125le

I'm new to this forum and sure this has been discussed a million times but, I just bought my wife a 07 ttr125le, she has a cr85 but is scared of it. I picked up a 95 kx100 parts bike for cheap and want to do the suspension, wheels, brakes swap. Any advise? She is 5'4" 115lbs. Will these parts even work, will I have to respring, revalve the kx parts for the ttr + wife weight?

ok, no help! well, the forks worked easy! couple of 1" washers and good to go. I have an aluminum swingarm and cant weld aluminum so I ordered a steel one off ebay for 9$ good deal, or so I thought. cut the ends off of it because the kx wheel plus brake mount are much wider than ttr wheel, spread them out and re welded them. welded a mount to the frame for master cylinder. the kx wheels i had were in bad shape so i found a newer set on craigslist, got them home and realized that they were a larger axle diameter and even wider than the '95 s i had, so i spread the swinger even more, just by force this time! file out the axle slots on the swinger and finally got them together. had to cut the brake pedal and weld a new piece to it to actuate the master cylinder. got it all put together and took it for a ride, brake sucks! I dont reccomend using the kx100/85 master cylinder because it is so tall you have to put it so far back and extend the brake pedal so far that you lose so much leverage. also, not liking my swingarm! bought a newer 06 kx100 swingarm on ebay today because I want to do the rear shock as well and i realized the ttr swinger was not gonna work out the way i wanted it to, im trying to make this bike awesome and the kx swinger and linkage is all bearings and the ttr stuff is just crappy bushings. so... more to come. if anyone has any input or suggestions on the rear linkage and shock please help! also? whats the best shift lever? that linkage crap has to go!

sorry I got zero help for you. I just picked up a 2007 ttr125LEW a couple of months ago and I am trying to stiffen her up a bit. I wanted to encourage you to keep posting I'm very interested in your progress.

im looking for the shortest rear master cylinder i can get, preferrably one that has the resevoir attached. im looking at ones on ebay from a crf450r, yz450f and kx450, anyone know which of these is shortest, smallest?

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