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Crf450X Supermotard conversion-Opinions and help

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I recently bought a 2006 Crf450X with the intentions of converting it to a supermoto and legalize it for the street. After researching I bought the Tusk Enduro Kit, white plastics, a new headlight bulb cause I needed a new one, Excel rims with Michelin tires, and a Vapor Trail Tech computer. I have installed most of everything I have so far but could use a little help with some parts and would like some feedback on some problems. Here are some pictures of the project.


Heres what I have left to do.


1. Install the vapor trail tech computer: speedo, tach, odometer, and tempurature


2. Get a metal Bracket for the Vapor Trail Tech computer for durability instead of using the plastics clamps that were provided.


3. Get new sprockets and chain. It has the chain from dirt tires but I figured I might as well get chain and smaller sprocket (for street) because the chain and sprocket wear together


4. Install brake sensor from enduro kit. (help appreciated)


5. Get a dual filament headlight because the one I JUST got doesn't shine whenever switch from low beam to high beam on the control switch.


6. Air box mod (maybe some more specific ideas or links would be helpful. I haven't researched because it hasn't been my top priority.)


7. JD jetting kit? Should I get it? Does it help much? 


8. Get new graphics. And I am very picky to what I would put on my bike. I want graphics that go well with white plastics without my bike being a billboard of products. I preferably white sticker with black or grey design . The closest thing I can relate it to is some One Industries graphics but I don't want a big ONE or lots of ONE's on the side of my bike. I want people to see a Honda/Crf 450cc bike, not a ONE INDUSTRIES dirt bike. The simple "O" is okay though. ANYWAY back to the topic, I like the black honda wing or a variation of that but I cant find any graphics with it. 


9. Finish polishing frame. (you can see I started in a picture)



Here are some problems that i have come across and need help


1. The chain guide under the left side of the swing arm has two screws and nuts holding it together. one nut and tip of the screw, which is on the inside towards the wheel, is awfully close to the excel rim. (millimeters of clearance) and id rather it not be so close because these rims are brand spankin new. I tried to tighten the chain by scooting the wheel back. bad idea. the nut/end of the screw scratched a little bit of the paint on the rim. Part of me died on the inside at that moment. i will look into touching that up.


2. The excel rims came with seals around for around the bearings. The stock 450X's have a trip odometer which includes a mechanism on the right side of the wheel to track distance ad also acts as a spacer between the seal and the clamp at the end of the fork. Do I find a spacer that specifically it designed to fit on this bike with these rims. After a little test ride after I put the tires on (cause I couldn't wait) the seal started to come out and leak some grease. 


3. The left front fork is leaking a little oil.


4. The bike usually doesn't start with the electric start. After trying to start it two or three times the starter just quits so I usually end up just kicking it off. Sometimes even that takes a few more kicks than I would like to. I don't think it's the battery  because I can run the enduro kit off the battery when the bike isn't running.





Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Any help would be appreciated.



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Good morning, here are a few ideas and comments on your build. I recently built this same bike.

First and foremost, you should do the airbox mod and rejet it as well. If it was completely stock they are extremely lean from the factory. I would also highly recommend doing the smog pump block off kit and the upgraded tranny breather kit. You might want to make sure you have it street legal before you do these.

As far as the JD kit, I am running it with no problems. Do you need it...no, but if your willing to pay a bit more for an easy baseline to start then its an ok option.

The nut on the chain guide that scraped your wheel, I noticed the same thing and just removed that one bolt during my mock up. I have had no problems with this.

CRF Only sells the spacer you are looking for to replace your odometer on the front hub. They also have some great tech articles on "uncorking your bike" and the air box mod

In regards to sprockets, I am running 13/44 I can do 70mph all day at about 6k rpm.

That Trail Tech Vapor is very straight forward to install. Only tip I have is to go to radio shack and get a spade lug adapter to do a clean install of your rpm wire to the coil. With a little google searching you will be able to find articles with people doing this exact install. I believe I used CRF Only for this as well.

The rear brake sensor just wires right into your dual filament rear tail light. I found an aftermarket one that replaced the stock light. I wanted it as clean as possible and also wired in an LED license plate light to the tail light.

Last thing, get rid of that front fender and get a sm one.

Here is a pic of mine as of now. Sorry I don't have many pics on hand but if you need to see something specific, let me know and I will take it for ya.image.jpg

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