Trail Tech problems, truths and guidance

Hey guys, I do alot of desert racing on a crf450r, and a while back I purchased a trail tech stator/rectifier kit so I could run an HID. The system worked great for about a year and then I started getting some intermittent spark. Traced it down to the stator and found that some wires were shorting out due to melting insulation. Called up trail tech and they let me know that there was(don't know when because I was never informed by them) a recall on those stators due to melting insulation. Ok, they knew they problem, so I sent mine back and they sent me another. Now two years down the road, during the last vegas to reno, the second stator failed with no visual issues. So much time and effort went into getting ready for this race.

I wanna know if anybody else has had problems with these guys's stators? As of right now, they are proving junk to me. Is a Ricky stator or Baja designs rewind more reliable?

I guess I should have learned with the first one failing.

Not to mention a while back a trail tech inline temp sensor melted on my teammate and we lost all of our water.

The Trail Tech stators are not every good, but generally their other stuff is solid.


If you had a Vapor water temperature sensor melt, you put it way to close to the exhaust.

Agreed, everything else I have used from them has been alright.

Well, the temp sensor was installed just behind the left rad on that line that goes from head to top. Atleast 8-12" away from the exhaust port.

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