Brand new to bikes, what should I get?

Hello all, this is my very first post so please be patient.

As the title suggests, I'm pretty new to dirt bikes. Although I do have plenty of experience on quads, just looking to expand into another field.

Anyway, back to the task at hand, I'm 6'3" and 185lbs. I would like a street legal bike but living in Southern California I know that may not be an option so I'm prepared to trailer it if need be. Maintenance is a huge aspect, I'm a full time student, I don't have all weekend to maintain it and go for a ride. So less maintenance the better!

I typically ride fire roads, dunes, tight trails (something the quad barely fits down), most of this is in the mountains, mx is really the only type of riding I don't do, I prefer exploring.

Budget wise, just give me your opinions and I'll get the best I can afford.

Any information is appreciated!

I have no idea how california riding is so i may be way off. but in ohio if i was looking for a trail bike that i could possibly make streetable and was 6'3 i would be looking at a DRZ400

a wr250f or wr450f would be good for trails and u could street legalize it. they are green sticker approved too. a 450 is good for street and wide open trails and dunes and a 250 would be better for tight trials. there would be little maintenance compared to other bikes like yz or crfx and crfr. if u want a bike that is almost completely maintenance free get a crf230f or maybe a ttr250 but they will have alot less power and are smaller and heavier.

If I were u I would go.for the wr 250 or 450 f depending on what is like where u r

I'll second the drz 400 the s model is street legal from the factory. I think a crf230 would be small for your height. The wr250 I've read is good for street and trail and tall.

The cons of the drz for me was the gearing, stock was good on the road, drop the front to a 14 tooth it was a good in between, and 13 for tight trails if I remember correctly. I could def. Feel the weight once the trails got rough. Tall for me but im 5'8ish.

Pros were reliable, plenty of power with exhaust and jetted, fun, electric start, if it was a little lighter and shorter I'd still have it. I really liked it.

Keep us posted on what ya get!

been bouncing between the wr's. they seem to have the best balance between power and maintenance from what I've read.

The only thing we don't have much of here is deep mud, other than that I usually ride on rocks, deep sand, and steep hills all in the same day.

I've been leaning more towards the 450f just so I don't have to fuss with my motorcycle license+ insurance.

I'll try to keep everything updated, have to find another job before I can pull the trigger on it

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