Your opinion please!

Just done a top end rebuild on my 99RM250, and I don't know if I'm being paranoid but I don't think it sounds right ! Could you have z look at the vid and tell me what you guys think?


W0w i am drunk.......... :cheers: :cheers:

If you build and engine as good as you set up a camera mount you are in trouble...

I don't know....sounds alright.... but I was having a seizure.... so hard to say.  

it doesn´t sound like there qould be a problem. everything sounds alright

Sounds a little rich but cleans out at higher revs. Actually sounds healthy

Like the daytime version of the Blair Witch movie. Sorry man I gave it 30 sec and never heard or saw a bike....

Only clicked the link because of the comments.

Sounds fine to me :confused:

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