KX 250 1999 PLASTICS TO KLX650 C?

Hi, i have a klx 650 c version and because my moto is taking apart to paint my frame and other mods, i want to replace my plastics and tank from a kx 250 1999 model. Because the frames is 80% the same and i think with a few mods in frame (no subframes from other models or cuts) i think i can do it..


Tell me any opinions and what are you suggesting???




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Hate seeing anyone left out in the cold. Looks like no-one knows. Good luck, looks like you're a pioneer here.


I hope you go ahead with this. Keep posting on your progress. I have a 96 c and have been thinking of the same thing, just haven't had time to get into it yet new job keeping me busy. Please let us know if it works out. And are you a member of the yahoo KLX group?...........Jim

I will try to fit from kxf 450 2012 plastics with klx 250 08 tank......i will update the post with photos!!!

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Have you come up with any kind of plastics yet ???????

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