Your opinion....Burning rock or Pocahantas for 2 days?


Hello TT'ers,


A friend and I are trying to ride this weekend.  It will be our first trip besides Tasker's Gap, Moto Cove and the local spot in Northern Va that we've been hitting for a couple months.  We originally chose Buffalo Mtn at the Hatfield & McCoy system because it has the most singletrack of the 8 apparently, but after learning that Trailfest is this weekend we're not too keen on going there.


We would like to;


1. Ride good quality singletrack.  From what I have learned is that ATV's seem to rule out there, and we're not into mud bogging.  I don't mind wider trails, but from what I've seen/read is A LOT of those trails are full of mud holes. 


2. Slightly technical is okay.  But if it's just rock gardens all day then we can save the cash and times and hit Tasker's like usual.  We want to learn and improve our skills, hopefully do some harescrambles next year,  but the continuous rocks are a little much.  I would love to be able to hit some ruts all day long, that would be awesome. 


3.  Only drive 4-5 hours tops.  That's why I chose Burning Rock and the Pocahantas areas.  I would hate to drive 6+ hours to buffalo mtn then be swarmed by ATV's, vendors, events and crowds.  We are looking to get maximum time on the bikes, and are also on a tight budget so camping is necessary.  We have to leave the DC area Sat. morning and return Sunday night.


Thanks for any suggestions otherwise, I'm open to other areas it's just that WVA seems to have the most info online.  It would also be a bonus to be able to try out an MX track that's easy.  We're on 125 smokers, btw.  I saw that Burning Rock has a track, but you have to pay an additional fee on top of the trail permit. 



Alright, so even though I didn't have any luck with recommendations this past weekend, we went to Burning Rock....


And it was awesome :thumbsup:


Fun trails, good camping(although the bathrooms were a little far to walk and shared with the rest of the day rider traffic).  They had what looked like a cool MX track although I didn't ride it.  We were there mainly for the trails and they had plenty of good ones.  Not a ton of single track, but the 4 wheeler trails were still pretty fun for us mainly because they weren't ridiculously rocky like the ones around here(NoVa).  You could still hit them with some good speed and get some good roost goin' on the turns.  Trail 58 up on the ridge line was full of wet roots and giant mud holes, which was fun to ride for us, mainly because you could get COMPLETELY sideways at any given moment.   Singletrack trails #175, 177, 178(I think?)  were super-tight and technical, almost identical to mtn bike trails typical of the east coast, and I now want hand-guards more than ever before.


Anyways, I'm by no means a veteran rider but if anyone wants some info about it it's still fresh in my mind and I'm pretty sure we'll be going back once or twice before winter comes.  


And if the guys camping across from us are on here, I owe you some gas!!  Lesson learned....don't go out for "that last run of the day" with a questionable amount in the tank 2 hours before dark while it's raining and foggy as hell :naughty: I now know what it's like to hike 3- miles in full wet riding gear to get gas, only to find out your buddy got tired of waiting and pushed his bike down the mtn on a different trail while you rode around for an hour in PITCH BLACK NIGHT....without lights!  


Holy crap, what a weekend :foul:

I've recently done both Pocohantas and Rockhouse. I think that both are a bit more than 5 hours from NoVa, as Pocohantas was 90 minutes from Christiansburg/Blacksburg, and I usually allow 4 hours to get to either of them. Rockhouse is farther.

Both were tons of fun. I'm old and very rusty, so even the green trails were enough of a challenge. I made it through a couple of blue trails. And some blue trails beat me completely.

Agree that late afternoon runs are tempting but you have to think ahead and be prepared.

My dad lives in Beckley WV which is about 15 minutes from Burning Rock. I have been a few times and its been pretty awesome both times. Last trip I met up with a few guys who live local and are cutting more and more singletrack every day. There is quite a bit of it out there you just have to know where to find it. They told me when they finish cutting they are going to have a single track only map made to make it easy to find. 


Also the mx track is pretty worthy. Its a bit rocky but a lot of fun. 

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