03 yz 125 bottom end power gone

I need help. I just bought a used yz 125 and I went for a few rides. The last time I went the bottom end power band is nonexistent. Please help with this I need it fixed soon. Is it just the bike that they have no bottom end power or is it somthing wrong with the motor

In order to determine if your expectations are reasonable it would be helpful to know what bikes you are comparing this too. Compared to a 250 2 stroke or pretty much any 4 stroke, yes, the 125 has relatively little bottom end power. But the transition to mid range power should be smooth and plentiful if it's running right. If instead you have nothing until the powerband hits (hard) then I would suspect a power valve issue or low compression due to ring wear.


What are you comparing the power to?

If it suddenly lost bottom end power that it used to have, then there is probably something wrong with it. I would check for a chipped reed, this can cause the bike to lose low end power. A powervalve issue can also cause this problem.

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