New HRC 450X fuel injected ralley bike

I'd throw a leg over!!!



Can't wait to see the regular 450X Enduro rendition.

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Still a prototype.....

Looks trick

I would tear the pipe off on the first ride in the desert

I will be trading my 2011 CRF450X in for the new 2014/2015. If this works for Baha/Dakar then it works for me :p

Still a prototype.....

erm 'till 2014 Dakar yes :)





Me like!

Who as time to look down at all that tech while they ride. I have problems looking at my top

Speed on my vapor. Luckily it records it so I can looked when stopped.

I like those foam grips, anyone know where to get them?

I like those foam grips, anyone know where to get them?

Street bike grips.

Honda HRC won all the stages in the Morocco rally with the new rally 450X...

They are also the new World Champs FIM rally for '13.


When is the Dakar?

When is the Dakar?

 The 5th to the 18th of January.

I guess those pics answer the Scott's v. GPR question.....Very trick machine. Carbon fiber in the subframe and attached pieces, almost looks monocoque, except for the seam delineating the fender from the side panel arrangement. I would be very interested in what they are using for the charging system components. Some very cool ideas going on.

Honda HRC team rider Joan Barreda on the new rally bike...











Dude is freakin' sick! To pull deep scrubs and throw fat whips on that beast is insane... :jawdrop:

Yeah , they are great pics .

Laia Sanz will be on one at the Dakar. There may be a few "Costumer Bikes", too.


This thing has as much R&D in it as ANYTHING-ELSE at HRC short of the Moto-GP "New" RCV for 2014.


The Team is STOKED!


The Motor is Sooooo powerful...&..."Different".


KTM ought to be worried.

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