Put a honda 150cc engine on a honda 200 body

Hi I have a 2001 Honda 200cc that the engine is shot in.  I happen to have a 2004 bike that has a honda 150cc engine that works.  Is it possible to put the 150 into the 200?

Probably but why? How is the engine shot?

I am not too good with this, but the mechanic said that the timing chain is stretched, the gear is worn, and the place where the gear sets is worn so it wobled, and he said the tension something needs replaced.  Anyway, it is over 1200 dollars to fix. 

did he take you out to dinner first?


by the time you take the engine out, and make the 150 work in the chassis in place of the 200 you could probably spend just about as much time fixing your 200. the worst part of fixing yours will be changing the crank sprocket if it needs done. there is a write up on how to do that on this site. if he is talking about the drive chain sprocket on the counter shaft. I haven't seen one yet that dosent wobble.  


your best tool for fixing your engine is a repair manual. but if you search around and ask questions on here there is lots of smart ppl on here that can help you out

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