Moved From Cali to North Dallas want to ride trails?


I just moved to north Dallas 635 & Preston need to find riding/camping areas also groups/individuals to ride with??

I have intermidiate to good Skills,Ride a CRF450x with desert set up, have raced a few AMA hare and hounds, Hare Scrambles, night scarmbles races.

Just want to ride!!!!


If you want to race cross country, check out the TCCRA (Texas Cross Country Racing Association).  There are quite a few places to trail ride within an hours drive.  Check out the where to ride section here in TT also.  I myself stick to MX tracks anymore.  


Welcome to Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red River Motorcycle Trails. Google them and check out there website.

Going to Red River this weekend heading out early Saturday morning coming back Sunday afternoon if anyone interested!!

Going out there too!

I'm from Ohio originally and moved N of Dallas about a year ago.  I'd love to ride with you guys next time you go.  I'm having trouble finding people that ride as much as I'd like to ride. (In Ohio, I had peeps that would ride every weekend if I wanted)  I usually am on advrider but it was suggested that I try here. 


I'm not super agressive but can keep up at a moderate pace.  Just 2 years riding.  I am a girl.  I've found some guys don't like to ride with the ladies so consider yourself warned.....I don't whine or cry, but I do ask questions.  (you can tell me to just shut up and ride and I'm ok with that too....I just really, really want to ride.)  I'm also 100% cool with just getting in a good loop or 2 and the boys going off and doing thier more agressive thing.  Totally fine doing drills on my lonesome.  I just want trail time.  


Just got back from 10 days in Moab and want to keep moving forward.  

Ill be moving back to DFW(lewisville) from Iowa( lived in dfw from 02-07) in Jan of 14'. I just started riding this year, bought a nice cr250. Ive only got to ride about 8-10 hrs this summer, so i'm pretty green. I do enjoy it and like trails. Debating wether to keep the bike or sell for moving funds. But it seems like there are alot of neat places to ride and camp in north Texas. Ill def post up when I'm back in a few months! Nate

Headed out to Barnwell this weekend if anyone's interested.

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