How much weight can my van haul?

Got a 2003 Ford E250 extended. The door jamb says GVWR is 8600. Am I correct that you subtract the vehicle weight from the GVWR, and that is how much you can haul?


I got a basic motovan, just a wall, and then a conversion bench/bed. Im moving to GA from CO next week (1600 miles) and my plan is to load up as much stuff as I can in my cargo area, just worried about going over on weight.


So my first question is not knowing my actual weight, whats a good estimate on how much I can haul?

Second, I plan on sleeping out of my van for 3-4 weeks until I close on my house. Will having it loaded down the whole time cause any issues for my van?


Then lastly, Im just hauling stuff in the cargo area. Is there a certain spot I should concentrate the weight. Like over the rear axle, or all the way against the wall towards the front, etc?



E250 = 2,500 pounds of cargo (add passengers to the total cargo) to the weight of an amty, UNMODIFIED vehicle. GVWR is about how much it will take to permently damage the vehicle.


Weight should be as centered as pssoble, infront of the rear axle. Heaviest on the bottom, lightest fluff on top.


Filled full, it can be left for a long time parked. I'd move it from time to time to avoide flat spotted tires. Especially every day for a few days after your trip.

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