Rear Suspension Linkage

I have disassembled my 150rb to do some re-greasing on the rear linkage. On the piece of linkage that is separated into 3 sections and attaches to the rear shock, swingarm and another piece that connects to the frame, one of the collars won't come out. The collar that won't come out is the longest one, which attaches to the piece of linkage which attaches to the frame. Is it suppose to come out? I've tried pulling it and pushing it from both directions but I can't get it out. It also doesn't rotate like the rest of them. Is this a problem? If so, how may I correct it?

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I believe that the part you are describing is called the shock arm, and all three pivot collars are supposed to come out. If one collar is seized, you will have to press it out. If you don't have a press, you might try appropriate sized sockets (one, just smaller than the collar, to push against one end of the collar, and the other just large enough that the collar can enter it on the other end) and a c-clamp pushing on both sockets to drive the collar through.

Thanks, I did that and I realize that I somehow lost a few needle bearings. Oh joy, those buggers are sooooo fun to install....

At first reading about these I thought just bling, can't notice much,,, right?? I found a used one (should have bought the Fox shock also :banghead: ) for the 150r and bought it. Put it on a stock suspension and it was a smoother ride. Then we had the suspension revalved for my son racing HS and wow so much better. I first thought this was just the revalve and didn't worry about it. We had a bearing go bad in this linkage (the bushing shattered :excuseme:) and we removed it for one race. The bike was very different, rear kicked up and wasn't as planted anymore. My son notice it right away when he no longer could hold the throttle on going over large roots and over a rhythm sections. Rear wasn't plush either. Some adjustment made it better but not the same. Fixed the bearing, reinstalled the linkage and everything is back! Is it worth $400?? maybe-maybe not but it sure did something great to the suspension that no adjustments did.

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Does the PR2 linkage use the stock bearings from Honda?

Yes same bearings and bushings.

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