Questions on ktm 300

Hey Guys,, right now I own a 09 ktm 400xcw(street legal) great bike! but im thinking on trading it in for a new ktm 300 exc/xcw,, I never rode one so I don't know to much about them,,My trail riding is mostly rocky/rooty with some fire roads,my size is 5'9 170lbs,pretty good shape for a 45 year old lol,,, im wondering if the 2t ktm 300 would be a better ride,smoother,lighter weight ?? more nimble than the 4t 400 xcw?? I hear the new ktm 300's are very low geared and easy to chug around with,, Next year im  gonna join NETRA(I live in CT)and do those enduro rides so any advice would be greatly appreciated tnx!

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The rougher, more technical terrain you ride, the better suited the 300 is. When I was riding desert a lot, my 450 was a great bike for the terrain. The group I ride with gravitated more and more toward technical single track and the 450 became a hand full. The 300 excels in nasty stuff because it has more manageable bottom end power and is lighter to throw around. The 300 is a great tool in the right place but other bikes excell in more open terrain.


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That's what I was thinking, I want something light for the tight trails and then some speed for the fireroads,also something that works great for enduro rides with large group of riders.

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