Lifan 200cc engine fit in a Kawasaki ke100

Hi guys, I have a kawaski ke 100 that has been sitting out in the woods for over 20 years. I want to restore it to running condition, but the engine looks like its going to be a lot of work. I started looking on ebay, and found this Lifan 200cc engine for pretty cheap. My question is, would this fit on the Kawasaki ke 100? I realize that its twice the size of the original, but i'm hoping it will fit. That would make this job a LOT easier and cheaper.




U can always get engine parts. The rest of the stuff I think they quit making. It might be cheaper to by another bike that's running. Or a complete bike

I know it would be cheaper to buy a running one, but my parents won't let me. (Don't ask me why they won't let me buy a running one, but they are willing to let me restore this one, I don't know) I have been looking on ebay at parts, and they are pretty cheap, but just about everything would have to be replaced. It also needs new wheels, levers, brakes, axels, gas tank, and oil injection system. That along with all the engine parts I would need would be very expensive.

Did some more research, its actually a 1971 f8 bison. From what I've seen, very rare.

The more rare an old bike is, the more difficult it will be to get parts.  Not saying it can't be done, just realize they will be hard to come by. you may be lucky in that bison motor may have been used on other models.  Check around and confirm.  No, the Lifan 200 will not be a direct bolt in.  They are typically modeled after the honda engine and would replace he old Honda 185 and 200 motors for certain bikes.  


I would bring it home and start taking things apart.  I have found that sometimes, but not always, engines may look ratted out on the outside, but actually survive the elements on the inside.  You never know until you take it apart and do an inventory.

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