2010 crf250f hard start

recently purchased a 2010 crf 250 its not a big fan of starting easy, comepared to my 2012. also  the high idle valve is turned almost all the way out to keep an idle.  previous owner said he pluged in a  stock ecu and the bike started easier and thought that the program in the ecu needed adjusting.  the bike has a ported head and fmf exhuast. i checked the file in the computer and in the first 2 columns  at 0% throttle its at -3 and ignition is at 0  so its close to stock settings. im leaning more to chasing down the high idle valve problem.   i have cleaned the throttle body, the high idle valve ports are clean and clear.  i have also checked my tps voltage


 it seams like to me i need the bike to have more of a vacuum leak .  could my throttle plate be out of adjustment. chould i open the gap slightly and then re set my tps sensor?  i havent put a vacuum  gauge  on it. is there a typical vacuum reading i should see?  should i  give up, and just kick it harder.


im not sure if this is the right place for this question, but any advise would be apreciated.

Clean or replace your injector

Check the pump pressure (45psi+)

Your TPS has nothing to do with idle, as the TPS 'closed throttle map' cannot be altered without the Honda full tuning software.

I have a 2013 that is worked big time. Head, 270 kit, throttle body, full Akro exhaust…..and it RUNS as good as some 450's. BUT it can be a bitch to start. You gotta run race gas, and you have to half kick it. With a full kick, it might start. When cold, i give it 2-3 cracks of the throttle, choke it….turn the idle up if it is chilly out, then give it a few nice and easy kicks ONLY from half way to the top of the kicker throw to the bottom and it'll fire right up. Crazy, try it and it should work, i have read many guys who have the same issue. they don't like to be kicked hard.IMG_8393.jpg

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