97 xr250r can chain tensioner

Some background, I lucked into a free bike from one of my employees. He used to ride in the north east and moved to Florida and the bike has sat for roughly 10 years. For being 15 years old, this bike is in great condition, even has the original manual for it. So I was messing with it and it was a bit seized up. I got it moving from the stator hole but want to check the condition of the piston and valves. I am stuck at the cam chain tensioner, is there some kind of trick I am missing here?? I've read over the manual as I'm doing it but it seems to be impossible. Any help would be appreciated!!

It automatically adjusts if that is what you are asking.  


Do not monkey with the engine by turning it over backwards.

Sorry I didn't state my intentions. I am looking to disengage the cam chain tensioner to be able to remove the cam and cylinder.

While pushing down on the tensioner (orange arrow), use something to pry up in the area of the red circle.  After the tensioner comes up it will reveal a hole, that is where the paper clip is.  You need to use something pretty strong as there is a lot of tension on it.


a XL250R 010.jpgb DSCF0003.jpg





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