Riding Buddys Alberta


Hello fellow tt members. I am new to tt and plan on doing some riding this weekend comming up (Oct 12 or 13) and was wondering if anybody around central Alberta would like or need a fellow riding buddy. I live on Red Deer and bought a bike earlier in spring. I ride some tracks in the area, but mainly trails. Its an hour to rocky mountain house or caroline and there is some sweet spots out west. Ive heard of drumheller area being a cool spot too. Most of my friends ride quads and like to play in the muskeg and creeks but thats not for me. Thx

Lol anybody from central alberta. Wow i must be the only one. Aaaahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!

Not the only one, I'm north of you in Edmonton. You also have Nordegg area not too far, lots of riders out there. Are there many tracks near Red Deer? Drove through Drumheller for the first time this summer and yes it looks like some awesome riding out there.

Yeah theres a cpl tracks. Alix 20min, delburne 30min, rocky mountain house has 2 45min. I ride on a private track 2 min on the outskirts so thats awsome. Anything from rocky to nordegg is a blast has all types terrain, camping pretty much anywhere and rairly any peace officer/park ranger. My bro lived in drumheller for many years. They have 3 tracks but i guess lots of staging areas are shut down and can be charged with trespasing

A little out of season but Im new to Alberta being only here for a year now. I ride a supermoto but have dirt trim always looking for people to ride with and find trails to ride missing home in that sense.

Hello Into the void i live in red deer and am looking to go riding this spring if you are interested ;)

Im from edmonton alberta and ride a cr500 for trails and sand dunes. Riding ice with it for the winter

Im from edmonton alberta and ride a cr500 for trails and sand dunes. Riding ice with it for the winter

Ive never been up in the E town area riding. How far west do u go ? Is hintin where the sand dunes are and how sick are there ? I heard alot of ppl trash that area and it might be getting shut done

Yes its near hinton. Its not like the dunes in the states but its my favorite place to ride. A 2 stroke 125 would have a very hard time to climb some of the hills there. Youtube brule lake sand dunes.

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