Enduro with a dirt bike engine swap on the road.

I have an old suzuki enduro from the 70's. I have no clue if the engine even works and quite honestly have no interest in playing with it. I want place this engine inside the bike. http://m.ebay.com/itm/250654515200

My question is if I do this will I still be able to street ride this bike and what will it's high speeds likely be? Will it be able to sustain those speeds for a while? Also am I going to have problems attaching the stock exhaust to this engine? Will any carb for s 250 cc engine work?

Who knows.  All of that Chinese stuff is a real gamble.  With 15 horsepower it should be able to maintain 50-55 mph.  Parts are impossible to get for the Chinese stuff if you ever break anything.

Zongshen is a decent china brand with fairly easily available parts. Take note that "250" is somewhere around 220 cc.

As for how much fabrication is needed to put it in your bike, I cant say. You haven't even said what model it is.

you'll have more money into it than just buying a used bike that will work better

xr250L hard to find?

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