Help with cr250r airfilter

Hello i have a 03 cr250 and need to know what is the difference between the 1999 and 2000 cr250r air filter. I bought a airbox and I think it was off a 2000 cr250r because it was white plastic but am insure. I want a airfilter for my 03 airbox swap and want to know if any of these years work or if their is a way to tell what year I actually have. Thanks guys

parts 1, 2, and 3 are the same from 1988-2001.


Part number 6 is the same for 2000 and 2001 model CR250s. Part number 6 is all black for 2000-2001 CR250s. 1997-1999 airboxes are all the same, they are white in color, and look completely different than the 2000-2001 airbox.


This is the 2000-2001 parts diagram for the airbox.



Thank you so much brother I really appreciate the time you took to help me out.

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