Good workouts for motocross?

I ride a yz250 and want too ride it too my fullest potential for 30 minute motos. I need to get in shape. Any ideas?

Riding more is the key. If you can't ride more then Gary Semics has some great programs that I have tried and endorse. Check out his website OR just do a search on the MX technique section and you will find them.

Sweet I'll check it out man. And yeah I don't ride my bike in the winter. So I need too stay in shape

I ride a yz250 and want too ride it too my fullest potential for 30 minute motos. I need to get in shape. Any ideas?

Thanks Tye for referring my MX Conditioning DVDs. Yea, what Tye says about riding is true but obviously most people don't get to ride enough. Other than riding cardio and weights work best. But you have to know how and how much to get the best results. Lifting weight wrong regarding what exercises, what order, how many sets and reps and how to use different programs can hurt you more then help you on the bike. Just this year I produced my 2nd MX Conditioning 2 DVD that comes with a Training and Nutritional Manual in PDF format. The DVD is 90 minutes full of training for motos info that took me over 40 years to learn. See a free preview and order the DVD or Stream at:

If you're going to be doing all that hard work working out make sure you're going to get the best results. 

Sweet Gary which one would be best to get, the newest one?

Sweet Gary which one would be best to get, the newest one?

Yes, I think the newer one is better overall. I learned a lot in the years between those 2 DVDs. 

Hey thanks man! I'll give your DVDs a shot!

I would also use a heart rate monitor too when your doing cardio. You want to make sure you're pushing yourself hard enough. When your done with your cardio you should be pretty well spent, and not have much energy left.

Check out racerxvt .com they have a lot of good useful information and can sign up for a training program that fits your needs better (how often can you ride and what level) for 20$ a month..

Bicycling routinely 25-30 miles will get you where you want to be fast.


Bicycling routinely 25-30 miles will get you where you want to be fast.

Bicycling is pretty good to have as a part of a motocross training routine but it is in no way the only type of supplement training a motocrosser needs to do. There is much more, including lifting weights, Core exercises and Stretching. Many riders prefer to run verses bicycleing. I recommend both.


MX Conditioning V2 COVER resized.jpg

By riding more you learn ways to be more fluid and waste less energy.

Working out can buy you some extra time to get your skills down when you are on the bike if u don't ride frequent. But you have to stay in the groove.

For me without riding a lot no amount of working out could prepare me for the onslaught of arm pump.

Try this if you want, my 4x4x3 challenge:


Can be done anywhere but this one is intended for parks and open areas.  Only apparatus needed here is a bench, ledge or similar to dip off and a tree, play park or over head bar to pull up from.  Incorporating simple apparatus such as skipping ropes and weight vests will take you and your possibilities even further.  Can't afford a weight vest make one out of sand bags & old car seat belts or fill a rucksack with bottles of water....


Warm up run (1m ets)


Superset 1 (repeat 4 times)

Rope climbers (climb an imaginary rope on the spot, throw arms like pistons, knees up) - 30sec

Burpees -30sec

Mountain climbers - 30sec

rest 30/45sec


Superset 2 (repeat 4 times)

Dips - 30sec

Leg raises - 30sec

Lunge - 30-sec

rest 30/45sec


Superset 3 (repeat 4 times)

Pushup variations (1st diamond, 2nd walking, 3rd dive bombers, 4th crocodile) - 30sec

Bicycle sits - 30sec

Squats - 30-sec

rest 30/45sec


Superset 4 (repeat 4 times)

Pull up/Chin up (alt each round) - 30sec will be hard, do what you can in the time allowed, don't let go!

Toes to bar - 30sec

Wide squat - 30-sec

rest 30/45sec


Then cool down with a 1m run before chilling out with some stretches & some dynamic hold action (plank front, L side, R side & supermans).


Remember, training is almost exactly half effort half recovery!  Don't come into you next session half cocked.  Wait that extra day so you can come into it with the intensity you and it deserves.


For those that want to bench themselves to others....try the B@st@rd test:



Warm up.  As many rounds as possible.  One round consisting of:

20 Squats

10 Butterfly sits

10 Hands off push-ups

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I'm going too give everything you guys have posted a shot. They all sound like good ways to get in shape. I have until spring to get in shape, I can't wait!



Crossfit, hands down is the best way to train for MX.

I've heard of it, but I haven't taken the time too research it. I own insanity and that is pretty intense! But I'll check out crossfit!

I just started this program for the off season and I think if you stick with it for the whole 19 weeks you'll see great gains with your riding. I like how its actually tailored to motocross and is easy to follow.

Instead of buying a 200 dollar trx I got a woss suspention trainer which does the same thing with less frills, and it was 25 dollars shipped, which you can't beat.

All this info posted above is good. It's a lot better than not training but I don't believe it is the most effective ways to train in order to make you a better rider. Let's face it, training off the bike is the hardest thing to do because it's just plain old hard work. It takes a lot of discipline to keep doing the workouts week after week. So it only makes sense that you would want all the hard work to pay off. In this case make you a better rider. Not just a little better but a lot better. I've spent over 30 years with this goal in mind. Not only on myself but for many other pro riders, such as: McGrath, Windham, Lusk, Dowd, Fonseca, Roncada, Jesseman and Villopoto. These riders combined have won 26 AMA Pro Championships.


I've been addicted to this type of training all this time and still am today at 59.  Ask anyone who knows me, I'm still training 6 days a week. Why, because I just don't feel right if I don't. That's the only reason that makes any sense to me. But I do know when I ride the bike (which for the last 8 months has only been about once every 3 weeks) I don't get tired and can still go fast for my age. I wanted to challenge myself in 2012 so I raced the Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Finals and won all 3 motos of the 50 Masters Class. 


I've carefully put all this training for motos info together in an easy to follow format 90 minute DVD called The MX Conditioning 2 DVD which comes with a PDF Training and Nutrition Manual. Don't waste your time and energy doing all that hard training work that's not going to be 100% efficient at making you a better rider. Learn from my experience, experience that's long (over 30 years) and is proven with National Championships. 


See a free preview and order the DVD or Stream at:


MX Conditioning V2 COVER resized.jpg

You have me convinced Gary! I'm going to buy your DVD! Thanks for sharing!

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