Editing out shake in GoPro footage

Hey fellas.


I bought a Go Pro Silver Edition camera a few weeks ago, and while I normally couldn't care less about gadgets or digital stuff in general, I can't seem to put the camera down. It's awesome. My footage is pretty shaky, though. I'm working on getting my mounts more solid so that shake isn't an issue in the first place, but I'd like to edit out some of the shake in my first few videos. I downloaded the free GoPro Studios program, but it doesn't seem to have that feature.


Anyone know of any good freeware that does this?



In this video all i used was youtube's stabilizer. The only problem is at the end it makes the texts look shaky to compensate. See what you think. I have the gopro hero 2



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it'll be hard to find decent stuff with freeware. if you give up trying to find some, next level up is sony vegas software, starts at only $40 or so on ebay. it has image stabilization that works very well. 


however, like any  image stabilization it will make the vid look weird if it's trying to correct huge shakes. i've found from long experience the trick is to try to miminize camera shake while riding.


so whenever the camera is on i use my legs more for absorbing bumps, pick smoother lines, ride more with the bike instead of controlling it. actually found my riding has improved as a result, plus the videos are way smoother. and the  image stabilization in sony vegas can do a much better job too!


example in the first minute of this vid. i actually didn't use image stabilization in this one, but you can see the camera isn't jumping around much although the bike is.


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that was a good one 

youtube stabilizer makes it worse use vegas and on stablity controls make sure to lower the amount of adjustmens

Funny video, Oz!


Thanks for the advice fellas.

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