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Hi Guys. Does anyone out there have any ideas on what we can do next on a CRF250R 12 we have. It starts when cold no problem and once warmed up a little refuses to start again.

Have done the following

replace piston/rings/valves (intake with steel proex and springs)

checked valve clearances 10 times.

We have another 12 which we have tried the following from

ECU, MAP sensor, Spark plug, Coil, Throttle body, TPS, Injector, fuel tank and pump, kill switch, muffler, Rectifier and condensor.

Am now at a loss getting very frustrated with it. 

Would the crank angle sensor ever play up, air temp sensor or water temp sensor ?

Was running fine week or so ago and now this all of a sudden.




Since putting this post up we have found there was a dodgy repair done on the kill switch of this bike which stop it from working ??? Although trying the kill switch from the other bike did not make it work before so I am still a little confused but hopefully happy.

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Try cleaning all connections of the wiring harness with electrical cleaner then use small amount of dielectric grease on connections.  If that doesn't work, you might try the wiring harness, have seen several that had to be replaced in the 2010-12.  

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