Xr650r retuning with an edelbrock

Just got my xr650r a few weeks ago.after working out some old gas issues got it going and put a few hundred miles on it. Doesn't seem like it is putting the power out like it should? Has an edelbrock with a 17e needle, hrc pipe kit with bd quiet tip,has uni filter with cut outs in panel,bat wing air diverter installed by precision concepts, getting ready to put on the n.o.s. pro circuit t4 pipe and header, bike was setup to run high desert. So at sea level it seems lean,will the pipe make it run leaner? Doesn't pop.but seems to run hot and down on power. What should I start with retuning the edelbrock carb? The 17e seems too lean?

Found a 19e needle locally. Going to see what this does.

17e was out 7 clicks. Installed the exhaust system and 19e needle at 15 clicks out to start. Hoping I get close. Waiting for the rain to stop.

Figured it out myself... New AP plunger I just got from ebrock wasn't threaded.ended up tapping it and installing. Put in 19e needle at 16 clicks from full rich,new header and pipe. After a full on workout kicking it I got it to start,was popping and bogging indicating lean? Turned it back in to 6 clicks from full rich,and started after about 20 kicks. Reset AP screw from 3 turns to 2 1/2. Now it starts first few kicks. Rode it and it feels like a whole new bike. Definatly will pull the front up if it's not burning out! Gonna lean it out a little as I think it's a little too rich now. Spent more time looking for the little needle that fell out of the bowl when I walked to the garage to get an Allen wrench to remove the AP.got lucky on that one as it fell out in the dirt and it just rained.....

Did Edelbrock have a plunger?

Did Edelbrock have a plunger?

They claimed to and sent it right out..only problem was it was not threaded. I ended up tapping it out quite easily( it is pretty soft brass) I used a 32-10 tap. seems to be working fine.

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