Klx 450R Supermoto

I was thinking about turning my klx into a sm. It is already road legal so I have all the lighting and stuff. I'm just curious if I will have to adjust the forks or the rear shock because I know that with some bikes when you change the front tire size you have to adjust your suspension. Plus maybe a couple tips on rims and tires. Plus is the oversized rotor necessary. Along with the caliper replacement. Thanks.

why would you want to mess up a good off road/ dual sport bike??????????? :confused:

1274 why wouldnt you?


I sm'd my klx and it great on the road now im able to ride it for whatever i want trails/streets/ even the ice in the winter.


really just need lighting and wheels/tires. I didnt have the oversized break on mine at first and it stopped just fine 

I had mine supermoto when I first bought it....great fun.  Those 17" rear wheels with awesome hookup meant my neighborhood was gonna get it.  Couple weeks of ripping, I come around my corner at the bottom of the hill and pull a standup wheelie for a couple blocks and as I come to my house I see him. City's finest sitting at the end of the block facing me. I turned into my driveway and hopped off my scoot and entered my house real quick. Couple minutes goes by and there's a knock at the front door. I went and had a chat with officer friendly and he informed me that I wouldn't be doing that anymore...I agreed.  Put the dirt wheels on and now I wonder what I'm gonna do with all the supermoto stuff.

Interested in selling the supermoto wheels?

Interested in selling the supermoto wheels?


no, sorry. Plan on runnin a moto or two and see how I do. Rebuilt the thing early this year, ran a couple races...now it's all clean in the garage and I have other bikes ready to ride.

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