2006 yamaha yz250

So I just bought a yz250 in really good condition and for a very good price too. The problem is the guy I bought it off was tiny and he had the suspension set at 160 pounds. Now me being 240 pounds the bike does sag down abit. Now to get the suspension set for my weight what do I do. Can I set the suspension at home? Can someone tell me how to do it? Do I have to send the suspension off to some suspension guru in another state or can I take it into my local motorbike shop and get them too set it?? Plz help as i want to go on a ride with this bike soon and i neer wonen help

Remove the suspension from the bike if you can & send to a suspension shop - definitely. 

Definitely take that suspension off and send it to a suspension shop. You'll be very happy with the difference. Depending on what shop you take it to. And be ready to spend $1000

What's your skill level?  Suspension set at 160 lbs?  Was it valved for him, only sprung for him or just spring preload set to correct his sag?


I'd get the right springs for your weight, set your sag and start testing there to see if/what you like or don't like.  Relaying this info to your tuner will be critical to get the setup right for you.  Blindly sending your suspension off to a shop with no baseline for comparison is a waste of time and money, IMO.

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It's too bad you're in AUS, I have a set of heavy springs for SSS that I removed from my YZ when I got it.

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