KX250....2000 vs 2001?

Anyone know pros or cons of the 2000 vs the 2001 KX 250.


I ask because I bartered an old project GL street bike I had for what I was told was a 2001 KX 250.

After running the VIN last night I see  it is a 2000. I am not upset at all just wondering if the engine remainded unchanged port/timing or head design between the two years?  Also was the carb jetted the same? Were the suspension tuned the same?


The research I have did so far shows little info in comparison.

I know all parts are interchangeable.

Hey blackwoodz, I just got done doing a build on a 00 and I have to admit its a strong bike. There were changes in the cylinder porting and timing from 00-01 as well as some electrical changes the carb is the same but jetting did change if im not mistaking I'd have to look to be certain and I have dirt rider bike tests from both years. Also many used and new parts if you need anything specific let me know. Good luck with the bike!

Really from 99-02 they were the same bike, minor changes to the engine and in 02 the forks are larger diameter. They were a solid bike, you should have no issues.

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