let me see your trikes!

let me see your builds


sweet Tecate t3 I always wanted one of them 86 or 87 or even a t4.Too bad the mfgs cant build anything cool anymore.

Thanks its a 86 with kx500 thinking about selling her

I just bought a kx 500 this past year,im never selling her.Ive wanted one since I was 13 years old and finally at 38 I procured myself one:D

What would you sell that for if you sell it?

1500 Obo

1985 big red 250





Ok, don't make fun. Lol my atc125 ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1396574849.462493.jpg

[><] - Burnin the freakin dirt up - [><]

Here is my 81 250R before, after and what and what my brother did with the bike after he bought it ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1399323688.204964.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1399323714.498124.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1399323735.149098.jpg

Current ride: 1986 TRX250R with lots of mods.

Have owned: 1981 ATC250R with lots of mods, 1983 200X, 1986 250SX, 1991 KDX200

Here's my 85'



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My old racer.

84 Tecate.

My nephew still rides it.





Here's my 85


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1419222751.062611.jpg

'85 BR w/ mods

ended up finding another 85 250es in good shape




put a 35w 6000k hid kit into it and a 72w led light bar. havent tried it yet but i think ill finally have enough light





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HPIM2410.JPG00e0e_hPLW0edDOZd_600x450.jpg0201151714-032.jpg0201151715-002-00.jpgHere's my '85 200X, my '86 350X and my newest one '85 250R


Working this 1982 250R. Bought it a few years ago and it was beat under the nice paint. So now it is stripped to the bone.

Powerdered in White. The Engine, Swinger and seat will be red. New Works shock for the rear and front fork fully rebuilt

with Progressive springs. Just need to find a place to Chrome my original front rim. That skinny rim it had on it originally was

a cobbled mess!


Looked good, but was really in not that good of shape.





Replated the Axle and all the hardware




Maier did a run of white plastics for a group of us.




Had one of my two tanks painted white. The Red one has been blasted and will get Nickel coated and painted white as well.




Test fit to see how the white on white looks.



85 200x, bought it a few years ago for an extra bike, so some buddies would go ridding with me. Ended up i ride the 3 wheeler they ride my quad. Some people just dont get how to ride them. I love 3 wheels and grew up on them.

85 ATC 70 88cc. The bike I started on when I was 6




Super XImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432510132.634478.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432510155.666325.jpg

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