TTR 225 new owner, ran... Now no more.

Well hey everyone been lurking and using the search button but nothing.

Bought a 2002 ttr 225, when I test rode it it ran awesome no problems. Well I noticed some fuel leaking from the carb on the bottom where the drain is. Told the person I was buying it from and so proceeded to take the bowl off and just clean which I read to be is the culprit . Well it still leaked. So we took the carb completely off to blow it off with a air hose on his compressor. As he removed the carb he broke the plastic cap for the choke. It's called the "Starter set" . Well he came back with the carb installed it all back on except the black little cap that the choke works through. Well went to a nearby shop while to part was ordered to see what he could do without the part. Found a similar one and put it on. Well bike then only ran with full choke on. And not good. Under high revs it would run okay but if you have it a little bit of gas it would just die. Well finally got the starter set in and installed it. Well now she won't even start! Only issue while installing starter set was I feel like I stretched the cable a little bit cause it won't tuck all the way in like it did at first. Help?

Sounds like a good place to start if you haven't already, would be to soak in carb cleaner for a few hours and blow out all passages with compressed air. Sounds like in all the handling and in and out of the bike , you may have got some debris in a passage of the carb. Any jet mods been done to it?

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