Going to 1 1/8" Bars from stock, fitment

I understand that the triple clamp mounts must be changed, but what about the throttle tube, brake clamps, etc.....

Do the 1 1/8" bars taper out to 7/8"


yes, they do taper out to 7/8. you don't need to replace the throttle or anything out that way (i.e. starter button, etc), nor the clutch side. if you have other mounts like mirrors or handguard clamps that are closer in, those can pose a problem and usually will need bigger, especially for handguard clamps.

if you were looking to raise your bars  now would be a good time to get a 7/8ths to 1 1/8  riser in your choice of height  and leave your stock clamp alone

Edited by Zimman

Actually was looking to go to the flex bars and they are 1 1/8".

Thanks for the replies!

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