South florida palm beach county riding

Whatsup everybody, wanted to see if anyone is from palm beach area and knows of anyriding spots.Any info is much appreciated...i need to see some dirt or sand!  Thanks!

I live up in Martin Co. Their are a couple of tracks out by Lake O. You have Thundercross, L Cross and Mesa is up by Sebastian.

There's a spot on the west side of I-95 at the south bound exit to Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach. They recently put no trespassing signs up, but the cops are usually cool. Only one of them has told us to leave. Most all of your riding in town will be this way. Pirate riding is sketchy, I've heard of people getting tickets and having to go to court. They even say they can take your bike. There's a lot worse things we could be doing besides riding. Sucks were treated like criminals. There's lots of places like this one, even much better spots. Use google earth and be creative.