2012 350XC-F forks

I got a buddy that just picked up a 2012 350XC-F and he loves it so far. But one of his biggest questions he has for this bikes is on the forks. While going over the bike and checking over everything and all he noticed in the book for the forks it has spring sizes (normal), fork oil (normal), but then also has some kind of pneumatic pressure of like 1.7 or something like that. We know the new Honda's and Kawi's come with the pneumatic forks but they do not have springs and things like that. How do these newer WP forks work?

They are closed cartridge WP forks. Rebound, compression and pre load adjustable.

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The pneumatic pressure is for the bladder in the closed cartridge.  It is not a tuneable part of the forks, you only need to deal with it when servicing them. The spring preload is not externally adjustable on the cc forks.

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