Fork oil height range ?

Hi people, just setting my spare forks up for different terrain than my normal forks.

I have the spring rate where I want it as I was running softer springs which bottomed a lot and were to soft, I've put the next springs up in and still running 370 ml oil and now I can't bottom out at all. I have 3 inches travel left that I don't use.

I assume I could swap just one fork spring to the softer ones and see how I go or change my fork oil capacity.

Question is what safe range can I work in for oil capacity ? I was thinking of starting at 300 ml per leg and adding as I go at the track?

Is 300 ml too low to start?

Thanks a lot


Depends in the forks your manual well offer the range

370 cc sounds high. Standard is 350.

Edited by WR 911

Gonna start with 300 ml then work my way up in 5 ml increments I reckon

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