tw200 carb issue

I was cleaning the carb on my wifes 01 tw and it seems as if the plug the goes in the overflow casting next to the main and pilot jets popped out. It wasn't during soak so it must have been while rinsing. I haven't found it yet and apparently its a back order part. So, anyone run into this? I'm thinking if tapping a brass plug in. Pretty sure its plugged cause of how the cast it but with it open the overflow would be below the float level...


Thanks! I checked all the standard suppliers. The thing that worries me about Amazon is that I have ordered parts and when they don't show up I call to find them on Bo. Hope that's nor the case:)

You can call Parts Pit Stop to see if the actually have it .


I've found that if they have a price listed they have it .


Call first to be sure .

i ended up ordering it from bikebandit.  They "say" they have it so we will see.  Of course i ended up spending another $250 just so i wouldnt have to pay 200% shipping.  thats why i hate to order little parts:)  But i ended up finally getting a tire changing station, some better spoons, bead buddy, my wife a new off road helmet.  and a ktm/fox hat:) 

thanks again for the quick reply.  I hope it doesnt come up back ordered...If so i will make a temp plug and make sure the bike runs fine while i wait for it to come in.

I forgot to update this.  It took awhile to get in.  Got the order 2 weeks ago and put the plug in the carb.  runs great.  Well as good as it ever did:)  I have cleaned this TW carb so much for a bike that has less than 2k miles on it:)

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