Suspension Questions

I recently had my suspension done by a SoCal suspension shop via an MX shop.

I'm 190-195lbs, fast novice... maybe intermediate on good days. I ride mx only... tracks with decent size jumps, whoops, etc. What are the chances that I didn't need springs in the front or rear? I got the suspension back, but with the same springs. Is it realistic to think that the stock springs with incredibly good valving are sufficient for my weight and riding level?

I'm concerned that there was a communication breakdown somewhere or they were just being sloppy.

I appreciate any input.

Frank: You could have been describing me, and I use the stock springs with no problem on my 01. If I remember correctly, when you set your rear race sag you should have between 15-30mm of free sag if your spring rate is correct.


There are some earlier post regarding this subject. You may want to check them out since we like to debate this issue as well.

My opinion - the factory springs are too soft for nearly any one over 160 that ride the big tracks.

It's also my opinion that not all after market springs are created equal. In most cases, you get what you pay for.

And you may want to read up on the White Brothers piece about spring and sag. Good starting info for all. See link.


I weigh 190 just today I took my sus to Race Tech the spring rate is perfect 4.6f 5.4r Im getting the gold valves.Turns out the tech that helped me used to do my sus 10 years ago so Im getting employee discount.I race Intermediate :)

Nevermind. I rode it and the suspension is plush! (Save it.... I know it was dumb to jump to conclusions before I rode it.)

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