05 RM 250 doesn't maintain idle?

05 RM 250 (jd kit about 4 months ago, new oem top end-- less then 10 hrs)


Ran perfect about 2 months ago... been sitting finally get a chance tomorrow for some seat time

-- fresh gas at the time (100 pump gas) at 32-1



*** Only thing I did in the last 2-2.5 months, was add a 10oz ffw. Just started it w/ it. Too much work to ride lately, until NOW?? :foul:



(rocked bike back and forth to mix oil & gas in the tank some about 10 times)


Kicked over in about 3 - 4 kicks, ran perfect w/ choke on.

- but 3 different times as I take the choke off, it dies out (like fuel starvation)???


Putted it around the court, runs perfect w/ choke on???




NOT sure what it is? :thumbsdn:

--- I did buy 3 gal of Sunoco 110 leaded "purple" yesterday. For  a special treat, found a place close by.

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You answered your own question.  "been sitting 2 months"   carb needs a good cleaning!  pilot system blocked.

Probably needs a good cleaning like Tailender said. Pilot circuit probably plugged up. Doesn't take long for pump gas to go bad, especially with the ethanol in it.

All is good, just needed to be  warmed /opened up a bit.

--- took it out to the orchard down the street and rang it out.


Seemed to have a lot more hook up/ torque w/ the new 10oz ffw.

--- I did drain the tank after I rang it out.


Now, I have some fresh Sunoco 110 - leaded for this weekend when I take her out

- gonna bring the rmz for site laps





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