250sxf 2009 lower oil screen case crack

Not had the bike long and doing first oil change with filter, previous owner had really overtightened both oil screen bolts. Managed to get them both undone but when undoing the lower torx one, i used a 13mm socket stupidly after reading about the torx rounding, but it sliped off and cracked the case slightly which surrounds the bolt, its only cracked on the flange so to speak which surrounds the bolt not the acutally engine case. the threads are not affected and the bolt tightens up ok and its not leaking oil. ive tried to take a photo but my camera wont focus on it to show it clearly, would you run the bike like this as it dosent appear to have affected anything ?

Drain the oil ... clean the hell out of the area and cover it with JB Weld ...


As long as there's no leak after a few minutes running .. it "should" hold up ....


Of course, you can always replace the case ... ouch.

ive run it through a few heat cycles and its not leaking any oil at all, pitty i cant get a photo to show as its hard to explain, its like its almost just cracked a small peice of the surrounding part of the case which is on the right had side of the bottom of the bolt next to the frame rail, not really gone near the may part ot the cases so to speak. 

managed to get a clear photo


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