04 yz 450 seems cramped

Hey all, been riding an 04 yz 450 for the last month or so, problem is i'm 6'4" 215 and the bike feels really cramped length wise. The bike is pretty fresh as I bought it with less than 200 miles on it. This bike flat out rips and I really like the amount of power and its delivery, but I cant really get comfortable on the bike. It feels like the pegs need to go back an inch and the bars need to be about a 1/2" farther forward.


Anyone had any experience with stretching out Yamahas and making them more roomy. I know its pretty easy on my ktm. Wondering what is recommended???

You can mod the pegs to go back and down about a half inch.  Do a search and you should find some info.  I also suggest replacing the top triple clamp with one that has adjustable handlebar mounts so you can move them forward.  I also use to run a tall seat on my 04 but that is preference the pegs and triple clamp are a must in my opinion for someone your size.


After reading some prior posts, it looked like I could simply use some old ktm pegs. I had some fastway pegs with the optional spike inserts that I took off my ktm because I think it adversley affected handling on that particular bike. Anyway, I modified those pegs to fit by simply grinding down the peg so that it for the Yamaha. Fits perfect!

Thanks all. 1381541322349.jpg

I use to run fastway pegs.  Liked them everywhere except when it was muddy.  They were horrible in the mud.

Yeah, they are really bad in the mud. The spikes help but the stock design works better because the mud doesn't cake on top.

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