How to open silencer?

I am really confused. I have noidea how to take this silencer apart. Its the stock silencer from a 2006 KTM 125SX that I want to take apart to re-pack. But there is no rivets, no screws, bolts. Nothing!? How do you guys do them, from around this year? No rivets, nothing to unscrew. Sorry for bad quality, and dirty pike but There is pics below. Any help is greatly appreciated as I want to get it repacked for long weekend riding in 2 days.

Hang the silencer on your wall, buy a FMF Powercore silencer.  More power, smoother power, easy to disassemble and repack.  Put the stock silencer back on the bike when you sell it, that's my plan with my KTM 300 enduroro

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