Works Connecton frame guards on 04 WR450f

Just a note: the '03 WR450f Works connection frame guards need to be cut for the kick stand and its bolt on the '04.

They also fit really tight and rub on the frame and sub frame in several places, thus bending and manipulating them is necessary, as well as putting spacer/washers in between them and the frame. Seems to be a lot of work on 2 pieces of aluminum that I paid ~$50 for!

I did not cut mine. I slightly bent them then tightened them on until the bend was complete.

Foursmoke has the same ones on his 03, and while they are thick, they are also scrimping on covering the frame. They also appear to dig into it instead of keeping the paint on the bike. The GYTR's are okay, but I don't know if they updated them finally for the new bikes. Mine appear to be 01/02 style cause I had to cut the airbox side down to make the airbox removable without removing the guard. The problem is now the gaurd has a weak spot because the edge I cut down had a fold in the metal to strengthen it, and now most of that edge is removed. They do cover more frame though. I think every frame gaurd out there is a POS in my mind. Not one of them does anything right. :)

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