How to open silencer?

Hey guys, I am very confused as to how this silencer comes apart. There are absolutely NO rivets, screws, or bolts to unscrew. Its just a silencer, with nothing on it. How do you guys do them around this year? its a 2006 125SX. I want to repack for the long weekend in 2 days, so any help is greatly appreciated. i already tried to put from the bottom of the silencer "Hockey stick" wont come out, i tried most things. Whats the way? Thank you! Pics below, sorry bike is dirty and pics are not as good quality.IMG_6246.JPGIMG_6247.JPGIMG_6248.JPGIMG_6249.JPG

Use axle wrench on endcap nut....presto.

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I have a 2006 250sx with that silencer. In your tool kit that came with the bike is a multi wrench. It fits the end cap nut of the silencer. If you don't have that you need a 32mm, 12 point wrench or socket that will fit the end cap nut. A 1,1/4 socket might fit but it is very tight. It depends on how sloppy the 1,1/4 is. 32mm is 1.25984 inches.

After you take the end cap off the body will slide off and you will have the packing in your hands. I wrap the perforated tube as tight as I can with the new packing and then tie it with string to keep it together when I slide the body back over the packing. Don't fully tighten the end cap nut before you mount the silencer back on your bike. You may need to twist the body to get everything lined up properly. After it is mounted and everything is good you need to fully tighten the end cap nut. Be sure to check it after you ride the bike. The end cap nut can come loose, the end cap can fall off and then the packing can blow out. I check mine every time I come off the track for about a month after repacking my silencer.

Good luck.

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I love you guys at thumpertalk!

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