2011 kx450f suspension?

I just bought a kx450 and lookin to revalve. Whats the best bang for my buck for a B rider in xc?? Please leave some feedback

I always recommend Dewayne Jones on Cali. He helped Yamaha engineer their suspension in the 70s while his brother Gary was winning National Moto championships. He'll do far more than just swap springs and revalve, he will blueprint your entire bikes suspension. I couldn't have ridden 5th gear WFO across desert valleys without his work. UPS goes both ways, I'm sending mine to him soon.

It'd be worth making sure you have proper spring rates first, and giving that a try with some basic clicker adjustment.  There is tons of knowledge on this forum on clickers.  If you are still looking for more from your suspension after that, I'd be more than happy to set you up with the TTalk discount on an Race Tech revalve and help you through the process.  You can either order the kit and install it yourself or send it out to RT.


For springs, check the spring rate search on racetech.com and/or set your sag and see where you are at.

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