Trailtech TTO Temperature Meter install...

I installed the Trailtech unit today with the sensor installed at the oil line (top).  I was nervous all get out as roasting the top end is not my idea of a good time...  Here is a photo of the display mount:




And here is a photo of the sensor install:




When I installed the sensor for the first time, I started the bike and let it idle, noting a nice stream of oil leaking from connection.  I stopped the bike and re-centered the sensor, it does not appear to leak now...


Given that the 10mm sensor diameter is not a "direct" fit for the oil line, I have a couple of questions for the group...  Does anyone know what thermocouple type the TTO has?  I think it is a "J" type but I am not sure.  What I would like to do is source an 8mm ring terminal for the thermocouple for a fit which does not make me so nervous...


Also, I wonder if the 10mm ring could be split to size (8mm), soldered, sanded flat, and be sandwiched between 2 of the stock copper sealing washers, maybe with some sort of gasket sealer???

Well, I've solved one piece of the puzzle... The thermocouple type is apparently a type "K"...

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