Good buy?

Hello everyone I am new to thumpertalk and I have a question about if this is a good bike to buy. Right now I have a modded 2006 Honda CR250r and I just want to step up. The bike I have in mind is a 2009 KTM 250xc with an FMF Gnarly head pipe and stock muffler. It has a brand new gripper seat and a brand new IMS 3.7 gallon tank. Gold Pro Taper contour bars, radiator guards, frame guards, brand new skid plate and headlight, acerbis hand guards with the aluminum frames, it's an 2009 so it has the e-start and black excel wheels, it's also been ported with a new top end 12 hours ago. Brand new front and rear tires, just had an oil change and a new filter. Also has titanium suspension valving from race tech. It is also street legal. The bike is a friends and he has had it since new and I have been on it before and really liked it. The reason I am asking is because he wants $3900 for it and I don't know if that is a good price for this or not since I am not familiar with ktm. He said he will let me pay a 1/4 of the price then the rest over 6 months.

The blue book value on the bike is only $2900 so I would not call it a good deal at all.


Looking at used bikes online the average asking price for an '09 250xc is 3900 bucks, but that seems like too much money to me.


A lot of people will ask more money for a used bike because of aftermarket parts, but having a bunch of new parts does not actually raise the value of the bike. If your friends bike is in perfect condition and has brand new chain/sprockets/tires then I would say it might be worth 3400$ but i would not pay any more than that. 

Blue book in my area is $3450. I agree it sounds a little steep but I do believe that the aftermarket parts especially brand new will raise the price a bit. And he says the price is negotiable so I think I might offer $3500. Is that a better price? I'm riding the bike again tomorrow.

sell your bike save some cash get something else

We'll I would but my honda goes to my little brother so that's not an option.

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