Carburetor mounting

Hey yall im new here. I have only ever worked on cars and just got a box full of XR350 parts however i think it is missing the Carb mount because every time i go to assemble it seems like it is held in place by pressure from the intake and the motor. i dont think this can be right. i have looked for diagrams everywhere and cant find any. any type of help would be awesome.



That's how it goes

That's how it goes

Just Pressure?

With hose clamps holding it to the air intake and carby manifold

Alright i think i figured out why i was confused the carb boot is broken and attaches to nothing. having trouble finding a new one. any ideas?

Alright guys last question i promise. I can not find a 350 Carb boot but i can find one for the 600. would that be the same fit?

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