1984 yz80, need help

So I finally picked up a bike for my girl to run around on with me, and since she's 5'2 it had to be small, so I got this yz80 for $70! Engine had compression, just missing the chain and all the cooling stuff.. wasn't that good of a deal, turns out the tranny got nice and rusty being left out exposed.. so I'm working on that, but right now what I'm confused on is finding years that work with this bike, mainly for gaskets because I'm trying to buy a full gasket kit, the guy at the shop I talked to said 84-92 were compatible, on eBay I see some used engine parts say 84-92, but for gasket kits they all say either 83-84, or 84-85, will they both work? What years did they change stuff on, 83-92 all look like the same bike, just wanna make sure I'm buying the right stuff, thanks

Anyone? I really wanna get these ordered but don't know what to order, because the gasket kits go from 83-84 and then 85-92, however the manual and all other parts I see go from 84-92... So I guess ill just go with the 83-84...?

i think most of the parts are similar i do know that in 88 they changed to a flat top piston setup and i think they went to a hard plated jug. so the 88 + cylinder n heads maybe slightly different.

Well that makes sense, I know I've seen a few piston that say from 84-87, so ya I would imagine they change a little, thanks

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