Any one in Jersey looking to ride


Just looking for some people to meet at english town for practice sessions, I navigate the track pretty well I only rode there 2 times so far, I mostly ride pits and trails. But I really like the track and don't really like hanging in the pits alone it would be cool to know a few guys. 

If they're having any Wednesday OP at the race track (not the practice track) I will likely go with a few guys, but I haven't checked the schedule in a while. If you're headed down on a specific day post on here!

I just checked: looks like every Wed is a race track practice! Braaaap

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My brother and I ride and race etown on weekends pretty often. They're closed this week for tough mudder but next time I go I'll post here or pm you.

Ya when I go ill post up here or give you a pm and just meet up hang in the pits between motos. you probably could teach me a few things too.

Yea sure. How long have u been riding and what do u ride? Do u ride trails in the north or south?

I've been riding a while about 8 years so about half my life. I think Im pretty good on the bike (yz125). Just really liked the go pros I saw of the track and wanted to ride so I did and it was fun I love that type of riding too. I mostly ride trails near my house and then travel to the sand pits on the coast in forked river.

is there any off road trails left in nj? When I was a kid there were now there are all condos and malls. I street ride but picked a enduro and looking for a place to get a little dirty thanks

If you're plated go ride around and get lost in the pine barrens, just bring a gps

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